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JP-S55500806-A: patent, JP-S55501121-A: patent, JP-S55501139-A: patent, JP-S5550611-A: Transformer patent, JP-S5551230-A: Flame detecting device patent, JP-S5551534-A: Preparation of conduit patent, JP-S5552018-A: Scanning position signal generating system of photo scanning device patent, JP-S555232-A: Device for replacing article patent, JP-S5552539-A: Photo memory unit patent, JP-S5552630-A: Electric impulse generator patent, JP-S555306-A: Oil and water blending and suctioning tube patent, JP-S5553285-A: Nnsubstituted cyclic amines patent, JP-S5553625-A: Burner number control method that consider heat balance patent, JP-S555386-A: Transport tank patent, JP-S555505-A: Extending unit for high frequency pulse width patent, JP-S5558945-A: Rotary indexing device for rotary unit patent, JP-S5559863-A: Liquid surface wave form generating apparatus patent, JP-S5560071-A: Manufacture of silicon carbide burned refractories patent, JP-S5562017-A: Anti-inflammatory agent comprising guanidine derivative patent, JP-S5563180-A: Landing property measuring device for color braun tube patent, JP-S5563478-A: Optical reader patent, JP-S5563572-A: Multiple current-type inverter apparatus patent, JP-S5563771-A: Guiding device patent, JP-S5564269-A: Electrophotographic apparatus patent, JP-S5564475-A: Synchronous coupling system of pal system synchronizing signal generator patent, JP-S556460-A: Extracting and separating method of nickel and cobalt patent, JP-S5565571-A: Ink ejection head patent, JP-S5566039-A: Composite data processing unit data processing unit patent, JP-S5566789-A: Electronic clock patent, JP-S5567024-A: Entangled composite yarn * production thereof and knitted fabric using said yarn patent, JP-S5568431-A: Fitting structure of liquid crystal indicator for motorcar patent, JP-S5569189-A: Correcting method of brighttline discontinuous points in crt display unit patent, DE-1322132-U: patent, JP-S5569371-A: Earthquake-proof magnetic gas shut-off device patent, JP-S5570968-A: Record player patent, JP-S5572045-A: Apparatus for removing resin burr removing of resin sealing type semiconductor device patent, JP-S5572285-A: Automatic retrieval unit patent, JP-S5572509-A: Washer for sticking matter on water channel wall patent, JP-S5572619-A: Hydraulic tappet patent, JP-S5573498-A: Backing material for one side welding patent, JP-S55734-A: Colored polyester film patent, JP-S5573755-A: Acetoacetic allylidoazo dyestuff patent, JP-S5574134-A: Monitoring method of ion injection dose patent, JP-S5574596-A: Head joint stopper patent, JP-S5575400-A: Cantilever diaphragm for pickup cartridge patent, JP-S5576152-A: Fiber mattless article and production patent, JP-S5576291-A: Oil feed device patent, JP-S5576378-A: Adhesive label patent, JP-S5576382-A: Image display type interface device patent, JP-S5576925-A: Pressure transmitter patent, JP-S5576979-A: Time correcting mechanism for electronic watch patent, JP-S5576998-A: Operation method of reactor patent, JP-S5578266-A: Fish finder of multi-direction recording and simultaneous continuous display type patent, JP-S5578285-A: Electronic watch patent, JP-S5578601-A: Helical waveguide patent, JP-S5579304-A: Method of preventing selective weed on grain culture ground before sprouting and composition therefor patent, JP-S5579432-A: Original-retaining pressure plate of copying apparatus patent, JP-S5583414-A: Cable fixing structure patent, JP-S5583421-A: Device for inspecting phase comparison relay patent, JP-S558399-A: Brazing material and making method thereof patent, JP-S5584200-A: Dry cleaner patent, JP-S5584221-A: Method for manufacturing actually arched double pipe provided with intermediate hollow portion patent, JP-S558465-A: Acid corrosion inhibitor patent, JP-S5584702-A: Device for opening*closing lid of container on conveying vehicle patent, JP-S5584729-A: Drop down preventive device for waving boom patent, JP-S5585880-A: Aluminum melting surface patent, JP-S5586268-A: Picture-signal processing circuit patent, JP-S5586697-A: Operating device of pressure type sludge dehydrator patent, JP-S5588629-A: Plant growing method and apparatus patent, JP-S5589015-A: Guide passage for winding clamper patent, JP-S5589589-A: Building member patent, JP-S5590296-A: Rotary cutter patent, JP-S5590904-A: Projector patent, JP-S5591027-A: Information processor patent, JP-S5591326-A: Toaster patent, JP-S5591919-A: Automatic brick-laying apparatus for converter patent, JP-S5593517-A: Magnetic disc reproducing system patent, JP-S5593576-A: Tape recorder patent, JP-S5594108-A: Method of estimating shape patent, JP-S5595142-A: Access system for pattern information patent, JP-S5595308-A: On-load tap changer patent, JP-S5595521-A: Manufacture of painted heat resisting molded container patent, JP-S5595586-A: Recording device with recording paper storage patent, JP-S5595960-A: Abnormality indicator of heater in copying machine patent, JP-S5596828-A: Combustion controlling device for hot air heater patent, JP-S5597642-A: Data processor patent, JP-S559797-A: Perfect wheat grain refining method by means of wet milling processing patent, JP-S559905-A: Piling foundation structure for structure patent, JP-S56100897-A: Hydrocarbon emulsion and method patent, JP-S56101546-A: Estimating method of stress corrosive crack sensitivity in stainless steel patent, JP-S56102079-A: Manufacture of electrode for fuel cell patent, JP-S56102877-A: Transferring, separating and conveying device of electrophotographic copier patent, JP-S56102881-A: Heat fixing device of copying machine patent, JP-S56103612-A: Controlling method for power-saving air-conditioner patent, JP-S56103985-A: Method for driving multiple-pole hall motor patent, JP-S56104765-A: Manufacture of inorganic hardened body patent, JP-S56105411-A: Production of direct reduced iron patent, JP-S56106424-A: Analog switch patent, JP-S56106511-A: Running device of rice transplanter patent, JP-S56106856-A: Continuous treating device for side edge of raw paper for paper cup patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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